PSX-3048 30" x 48" Meat Cutting Board Table

PSX-3048 30" x 48" Meat Cutting Board Table



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30" x 4' Kitchen Cutting Board Table with Open Base
The PSX-3048 meat cutting board table has 2 removable cutting boards

30"x 48" Cutting Board Table Construction
• The PSX-3048 meat cutting board table is NSF.
• The stainless steel legs and cross-bracing for this kitchen cutting table is made from 304 stainless steel with aluminum cross-brace joints.
• Cutting board tables have adjustable height leveling feet to stabilize your cutting table
• This PSX-3048 cutting board table has removable 3/4" thick poly cutting boards.

4' Cutting Board Cleaning and Maintenance
• The frame on this 30" x 48" cutting board table should be cleaned daily with warm soapy water.
• The poly cutting boards should be sanitized throughout the day with warm soapy water, bleach, or a baking soda solution. At the end of each shift you should use 2 teaspoons of bleach per 1 gallon of water and let the cutting boards soak for several minutes. After the cutting boards are sanitized rinse and let air dry.
• When your cutting board table starts to show signs of deep knife marks you can use a steel scouring pad to smooth out the surface and remove loose cutting board pieces.
• To prolong the life of your 30" x 48" kitchen cutting board table you should distribute your work area over the entire cutting board table's area.

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