MTSBX-3096 30" x 96" Maple Butcher Block Bakery Table with Stainless Cross-Bracing

MTSBX-3096 30" x 96" Maple Butcher Block Bakery Table with Stainless Cross-Bracing



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30" x 96" Butcher Block Bakery Table with 4" Side-Splashes and Backsplash
This 30"x 96" commercial bakery table with a natural oil finish meets NSF standards.

MTSBX-3096 Bakery Table Construction
• This 30" x 96" restaurant bakery table is made with 1.5" thick laminated hard rock maple butcher block.

• The MTSBX-3096 30" x 96" maple bakery table has 4" splash-guards on 3 sides.
• This MTSBX-3096 bakery table has stainless steel 1-5/8" round legs and stainless cross-rails.
• The maple bakery table legs have leveling bullet feet
• MTSBX-3096 butcher block bakery tables are shipped knocked down
• 35" Standard Restaurant Work Table Height

Commercial Bakery Table Finish
• The standard finish for a butcher block bakery table is a natural oil penetration maple finish.
• Restaurant Max also offers a varnique wood semi-gloss finish.
• If you are going to use this bakery table for dough rolling and will not be cutting on this bakery table? Then a varnique finish is recommended and adds 10% to cost. Varnique maple butcher block bakery table finish voids NSF.

Wood Species
• The standard commercial bakery table is made from northern hard rock maple.
• We also make tables from American Cherry, American Black Walnut, Appalachian Red Oak. The Appalachian Red Oak is available in the following stains: Sherwood, Walnut, Century, or Mahogany.

Care and Maintenance of Bakery Tables
• After each use you should sanitize your MTSBX-3096 butcher block bakery table with hot soapy water and then dry your table with a clean paper towel or let it air dry. If you want to sanitize your commercial bakery table even more, you can use a diluted mixture of 1tsp. chlorine to to 1qt water or 1tsp. vinegar to 5qts water.
• If you are using this 30" x 96" bakery table for cutting then it is recommended to re-oil every 3-4 weeks to continue to seal the cuts. Do not use cooking oil on your bakery table. This will damage your butcher block bakery table. We offer a butcher block oil or butcher block cream with bees wax for oiling your commercial bakery table. The recommended alternative is to use mineral oil.
• To remove garlic or onion smells from your 30" x 96" bakery table, use lemon or lime juice with salt. Sprinkle salt on your butcher block bakery table then rub a cut lemon or lime into the butcher block top and let sit 3 minutes. Afterwards, whip your butcher block bakery table with a wet cloth.
• When your bakery table become light in color you know it is time to re-oil your butcher block bakery table.

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