Walk-In Merchandising Glass Doors

Walk-In Merchandising Glass Doors


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Walk-In display glass doors for CC Stores, Convenience Stores, Liquor and Package Stores.
Walk-In Glass Display Door Color Options
• Black, Gold, Satin Silver, Chrome, other colors available

Walk-In Display Available Door Frame Sizes
• 24", 26", 28", and 30" wide walk-in glass door display frames are available.

Walk-In Display Glass Door Options
• Pass-Thru glass door are available for your walk-in.
• T8 or LED lighting in replacement of T12 door lighting.
• Anti-Fog options are available for your merchandising glass door glass.
• You can add POM or cylinder locks to your display walk-in doors.
• French door frames are available for walk-in glass door coolers.
• Full length door handles in replacement of standard handles.

Contact Restaurant Max Inc. at 404-472-0398, or by email, or add to cart and tell us what your your needs are for a refrigerated glass door display wall and walk-in glass door cooler room.

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