Walk-In Cooler 16x16 No Floor H.P. 4 Poly

15'8" x 15'8" Walk-In Cooler Refrigerator No Floor H.P. 4" Poly


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16’ x 16’ Restaurant Walk-In Cooler without Floor for Agriculture, Brewery, Floral, Hunting, Meat Processing, or Restaurants.
If this 16’ x 16’ indoor walk-in is going outside you will need a rain cap to protect the roof. Please let us know in your quote request.

16’ x 16’ Restaurant Walk-In Cooler Box Insulation
• This restaurant walk-in cooler has 4" thermal resistant panels.

16’ x 16' Restaurant Walk-In Box Finish
• The standard commercial walk-in cooler has 25 gauge stucco embossed galvalume finish with a weather protective aluminum and zinc alloy exterior.
• Stainless Steel, Aluminum, White Galvanized, and custom metal color coatings are also available for your walk-in cooler room

Restaurant Walk-in Cooler Door
• The standard walk-in cooler door is a flush mount 34" X 76" refrigerator door. Commercial walk-in cooler doors normally include an automatic door closer.
• Commercial walk-in doors have a keyed entry latch for food safety after business hours.
• For safety all commercial restaurant walk-in cooler rooms include a interior safety release.
• Observation windows are also available for this walk-in cooler’s door.
• Other standard walk-in door sizes are 30" x 76", 36" x 76", and 43" x 76".
• Restaurant Max Inc. also offers sliding walk-in cooler doors, double action traffic doors, walk-in cooler plug doors, and glass display doors..

Walk-in Cooler Lighting
• The basic walk-in cooler room box has 1 vapor proof light fixture.
• For better viability in your walk-in some restaurants will add additional vapor lighting, fluorescent lighting, or low energy LED lighting. As a Restaurant Max Inc. rep for the options that best fit your needs.

This 16’ x 16’ restaurant walk-in cooler does not have an insulated floor.
• Walk-In coolers that are inside do not need an insulated floor.
• Walk-In coolers that are outside and are on a concrete pad of the same dimension do not need an insulated floor.

16’ x 16’ Walk-In Cooler Box with remote outdoor condensing unit.
• Remote refrigeration is standard for this commercial walk-in cooler. Depending on use and how many times this walk-in cooler will be accessed we will recommend a horse power. We can also provide you with a 50HZ electrical system for export walk-in cooler needs.
• Restaurant Max Inc also offer walk-in coolers with drop-in refrigeration systems that do not require a HVAC installation, just electrical run to the box.
• This commercial walk-in storage box holds 35°F for food storage. If you will be holding only beer please specify when ordering. You will want your walk-in to be at 30°F to prevent excessive beer foam.

Contact Restaurant Max Inc. 404-472-0398, email or add to cart for a quote on a walk-in cooler that will meet your needs.

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