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4' x 8' Portable Refrigerated Trailer Transport Cooler,.
This Refrigerated Trailer can be factory configured for a portable cooler or freezer.

Refrigerator Food Transport Trailer Construction
• This refrigerated trailer has steel trailer frame and walk-in box frame.
• The 4' x 8' refrigerated trailer has a Ceram-A-Star high performance finish.
• This portable catering freezer has foamed in place CFC free 3" polyurethane insulation.
• All commercial refrigerated transport trailers have a slip resistant heavy duty diamond plate aluminum floors.

4' x 8' Refrigerated Trailer Size and Capacity
• This commercial walk-in refrigerated trailer has approximately 200 cubic feet of cold food storage capacity.
• The exterior width of this refrigerated trailer is 48″.
• The interior width of this refrigerated trailer is 42″.
• The exterior length of this refrigerated trailer is 96″
• The interior length of this refrigerated trailer is 90″
• The exterior height of this refrigerated trailer is 82″
• The interior height of this refrigerated trailer is 76″

The 4' x 8' Portable Refrigerator Trailer Refrigeration
• This refrigerated trailer has a front mounted, weatherized refrigeration system
• Auto defrost is standard on the freezer trailer configurations and is set to cycle every 6 hours. Restaurant Max Inc. also offers cold wall trailer refrigeration systems.
• When packing your cooler, food products should not be stacked to prevent air flow against coil.
• To insure proper temperature in this portable cooler a 3" air space should be left at the interior top of the refrigerated trailer. Space should also be left around the refrigerator thermostat in upper rear cooler interior.

4' x 8' Portable Refrigerator Doors
• This portable cooler has maintenance free heavy duty truck type hinges that allow for a 180° open swing for a clear entry into the portable refrigerated storage area.
• The recessed frigerator transport doors has a lockable latch.
• The refrigerator trailer doors also have magnetic door gaskets.
• Double Opening Rear Doors for Easy Pallet Loading

4' x 8' Refrigerated Refrigerated Transport Trailer Electrical
• These commercial transport walk-in cooler uses 120 volts and needs a 20 amp breaker.
• This portable refrigerator ships with a 10 gauge, 25'ft, 3 conductor power cord. If you are also going to use an extension cord for this catering refrigerator, it should be a heavier gauge following the below cart.
- 10 AWG for up to 50 foot extension cord
- 8 AWG for up to 100 foot extension cord
- 6 AWG for up to 150 foot extension cord
- 4 AWG for up to 200 foot extension cord

Portable Refrigerator Lighting
• 120 volt interior lighting is standard with this portable refrigerator trailer and is activated when the trailer doors are opened.
• An optional 12 volt lighting is available that is activated by a separate switch.
• An optional spotlight is also available for this refrigerated transport trailer for exterior lighting of loading and unloading food products.

This commercial ice transport trailer weighs approximately 1200 lbs.

Commercial Portable Refrigerator Cleaning
• You should set a scheduled cleaning of this portable refrigerator's interior and exterior. The portable cooler should only be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. DO NOT USE strong detergents, abrasive cleaners, or solvents on your portable refrigerator,. Do not use wax or polish on the inside of your portable refrigerator but the exterior can be polished with wax as you would with your truck or car.

Refrigerated Transport Trailer Warranty
• There is 5 year compressor warrant on this commercial cooler transport trailer.
• This limited factory refrigerator transport warranty is good in the continental United States, Canada, and Caribbean Islands only. Have your local authorized technician contact us prior to any repairs for approval.

• This refrigerated trailer is your perfect choice for delivery, backup cold storage for catering and large special events.

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