Baking Stones | Baking Stone 21" x 30-3/8" x 1"

Baking Stone 21" x 30-3/8" x 1"



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Replacement Blodgett 961 Baking Stone
- 21" x 30-3/8" x 1" Baking Stone
- The Blodgett 961 oven uses 2 of these baking stones per deck.

Commercial Blodgett 961 Baking Stone Ordering
• When measuring for your restaurant Blodgett baking oven you will need to leave a 1/2" space between oven walls and 1/8" joint space for each 24" for baking stone expansion. Though this is a direct Blodgett factory replacement baking stone, many used oven have interior work done that takes up space. Some Blodgett baking ovens also will have a steel baking deck that will need to be compensated for when ordering baking stones.
• Check you Blodgett oven flame deflector plates when ordering a new baking stone. Commercial Blodgett 961 baking stones are not meant ot be in direct contact with a flame.

Commercial Baking Stone Composition
• The 21" x 30-3/8" x 1" thick baking stone is NSF certified for use in commercial restaurant baking ovens.
• Baking stones are made from a proprietary blend of heat resistant and conductive raw composite material similar to concrete.

Blodgett 961 Baking Stone Maintenance
• Please follow the pre-drying / curing process that will accompany your Blodgett 961 baking stone.
• Never use water or oil to clean your 21" x 30-3/8" x 1" Blodgett baking stone.
• To clean your Blodgett 961 baking stone you should whip any residue with a clean dry cloth. You can use a a rubber spatula on any stubborn stains but never use a metal utensil to clean you Blodgett 961 baking stone. You can also bake off any food debris by heating your Blodgett oven to the highest setting and baking your Blodgett stone for 1 - 2 hours.
• Over time your 21" x 30-3/8" x 1" Blodgett 961 baking stone will darken as it gets seasoned. This is normal and the grease that drops onto the baking stone will actually improve the baking stone properties by sealing the baking stone surface to be less sticky.

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