Countertop Recirculating Ventless Grease Hood GVH-C

Hood GVH-C Counter-Top Recirculating Ventless Hood for Countertop Equipment



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32" Recirculating Ventless Countertop Hood, 393-491 CFM
32”LR x 34-5/16"FB x 54-7/8”H, 208/240v, 5 amps, 65 dB

GVH-C Type 1 Ventless Recirculating Self-Contained Hood Uses
• Type 1 Countertop Ventless Self-Contained Hood for Toasters, Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Ranges, Griddles, Sandwich Press, Panini Press Grills and Fryers.
• This type of countertop ventless grease hood has become very popular because of the every increasing demands of local inspectors. It is one of the most bought items to allow restaurants to continue to use their sandwich grills they have been cooking on for many years but fire inspectors are now cracking down on in recent years. The GVH-C Ductless countertop restaurant hood is a great alternative when ductwork and roof modifications are too expensive.
• The GVH-C self-contained ventless hood uses an electrostatic air filtration process that exceeds emission requirements of NFPA-96 and ANSI/UL710B, using the EPA-202 test method.

Giles GVH-C Ventless Hood Exhaust Clearance Requirements
• Ventless Hood GVH-C needs a minimum of 18" clearance above exhaust for Proper Air Flow.
• Ventless Hood GVH-C needs a minimum of 72" from Base to Ceiling for Proper Air Flow..

Minimum Height Clearances:from Heating Element to GVH-C Countertop Hood
• 19” Top Edge of Conveyor Belt to Front Lower of Self-Contained Hood Edge.

Minimum Side Clearances:from Heating Area to Sides of GVH-C Countertop Hood
• Front Edge of Oil Fry Pot can not be more than 26-5/16" from back.
• Fryers 1.5"
• Grills 3-7/8"
• Range 4"
• Oven 1"
• Conveyor Oven 5.5"
• Toaster 1"

Minimum Front Clearances:from Heating Area to Overhang of GVH-C Countertop Hood
• Fryers 8"
• Grills 8.75"
• Range 8.75"
• Oven 8.75"
• Conveyor Oven 8"
• Toaster 8.75"

GVH-C Counter-Top Self-Contained Hood Fire Suppression
• This Ventless Hood comes with Pre-Installed Fire System Pipe and Fusible Link Conduct but will need other Components and a Certified Fire Agent for Installation

GVH-C Self-Contained Countertop Hood Options b
• Floor Stand
• If shipping this countertop ventless hood to Los Angles an ILS (Inter-Locking Start) will be required.
• This countertop hood also has an interlocking appliance power adapter receptacle option to plug directly into hood with no additional wiring 50A maximum.

Replacement GVH-C Ventless Hood Filters
• #95965 Charcoal Filter or #30248 Charcoal Filter (Replace Either Every 30-60 Days)
• #41043 Double Baffle Filter (Clean Daily)
• #93302 EAC Electronic Air Cleaner (Clean Daily)
• # EAC Soak Tank

OVH-10-C Recirculating Countertop Grease Hood Certifications

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