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Built-In Coolers, Compact Under Counter Refrigerator, Mini Bar, Counter-top, & All-In One Kitchenette

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Summit Hotel Mini-Bars with Silent Compressor Technology

 - MB-24L Hotel Mini Bar All Refrigerator $298 MB4.JPG (5328 bytes)
    15.75"w x 18"D x 20"H
     with Non-Refrigerated Shelf & View Window

 - MB-34L Hotel Mini Bar All Refrigerator $312
    15.75"w x 19.25"D x 22"H, Black with Reversible Self Locking Door

 - MB-44L Hotel Mini Bar All Refrigerator $485
   16"w x 19.25"D x 32"H, * Shown to Right
   with Non-Refrigerated Shelf & View Window

 - SCR-600 - 5 cu. ft., Budget Priced $624
   Glass Door White Display Cooler, Reversible Door, NSF-7
   34"H x 24"w x 24"D, Add $75 for Black



More Sizes Available
Click Here for more Glass Door Refrigerators


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Built-In Undercounter Refrigerator

- BI-605J White 6.1c.f. Built-In Refrigerator $604
      35"H x 24"w x 24"D, accepts custom panel
      Reversible Door, Large Door Storage

 - BI-605J-A/B Same as above w/ Almond or Black Panel $595

 - BI-605J-SS Same as above but with Stainless Steel Front Panel $831

 - BI-540 White 5.1c.f. accepts custom Panels, Reversible Door $768
    33"H x 24"w x 24"D, Deluxe Interior

 - BI-540-SS Same as above $1,131
    But with Stainless Steel Panel Installed & Interior Light


Auto-Defrost Compact Undercounter Refrigerators

 - FF-7 White Compact Under-counter Refrigerator $476
    33"H x 24"w x 24"D, Reversible Door, Interior Light, and Auto Defrost

 - FF-6BADA  Black 5.5 cu.ft. Frost free w/Door storage $690

   - 32"H x 23.63"W x 23.5"D 

 - FF-67 Similar to FF-7 but w/ Door Storage, 34"H, White $488 - Perfect for HOTELS

 - FF-41R 3.6c.f. No defrosting with Freezing compartment $337
    34"H x 19"w x 21"D, White

 - FF-42R Same as above w/ Walnut Door & Cooper Tone Sides $337

 - FF-43R Same as above w/ Texture Black Door, Black, Sides & Top $337

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Summit Large Capacity Refrigerator - Freezers

 - CT-70R White 6.1c.f. Refrigerator $380
    33"H x 24"w x 25"D, Reversible Door, Interior Light, & Crisper

 - CT-67 White 5.1c.f. 0 Freezer $510
    33"H x 24"w x 24"D Interior Light, Frame for Custom Panel
    Reversible Door, Glass Shelves

 - CT-67SS Same as above but w/ Stainless Steel Panels $652

 - CT-66 White 5.1c.f., 3 Star 0 Freezer $417
    33"H x 24"w x 24"D, Reversible Door, Twin Crispers

 - CT-6622 Same as above but 220v/50Hz - For Export $425

 - CM-52 White 4.5c.f. with 3 shelves $247
    33"H x 20"w x 24"D, Reversible Door, Interior Light, & Crisper


Summit Refrigerator - Freezers with Locks

 - CP-35R Two Door Undercounter 0 degree Freezer $340
    34"H x 19"w x 21"D, White

 - CM-45L Table Top Model, reversible door, Lock $281
    34"H x 19"w x 21"D, White

 - CM-40K 3.7c.f. Table Top Model Door Storage, 3 shelves $235
    34"H x 19"w x 21"D, White or Almond

 - CMW-40K Same as above w/ Walnut Door, Coppertone Side $335

 - CM-4022 Same as above but 220v, 50Hz, White $350

 - CSW-34R 2.5c.f.Wood Tone Door, Perfect for Hotels $300

 - S-23R 1.7c.f. w/ long 8' cord, Texture Door, Ideal for Hotels $275
    20"H x 19"w x 20"D, White

 - SW-23R Same as above $275
    But with Walnut Door & Coppertone Sides


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Compact Refrigerators for Assisted Living

 - AL-650, 5.1c.f. Assisted Living Refrigerator $556
    Reversible Door, Interior Light, Twin Crispers
    32 3/8"H x 23 5/8"w x 23.5"D, White

 - ALB-651 Nursing Home Refrigerator $868
   Same as above w/ Fan Cooled Condenser for built in applications

 - ALB-651 Apartment Refrigerator Lower Height w/ 4 Adj. Legs $868
   32"H x 24"w x 24"D, Frame for Custom Panels, Interior Light

 - ALB-651SS Extended Stay Refrigerator - Same as above $964
    But with Aluminum Frame and Stainless Panel Installed

 - ALB-653 Assisted Living Refrigerator - Same as ALB-651 (for Built-In Use) $800
   but in All Black Finish with Stainless Frame


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Kitchen Combinations for Hotels & Motels

 - C-30 All-In-One Kitchen $1,021 * Shown to Right
     Includes: Sink, Refrigerator, 2 electric Burners, Stainless Top
     30"w 24"D x 36"H, 110v, 30A, White Finish**optional shelf for microwave 30 APSS

- CP-60 All-In-One Kitchen $1,450
60"w x 24"D x 39"H, White, Fully assembled Base
   4 Burner Gas or Electric Cooktop, CT-67 Refrigerator & One Piece Stainless Top with Drawn Sink

 - C60E All-in-One Combo Kitchen $1,290                
   39(h) x 59.5(w) x 24(d), White cabinet & Door, Electric Cook Top, 5.1 cu.ft.    Refrigerator/Freezer**OPTIONAL Stainless Shelf 60 APSS $450

- C301 All-in-One Combo Kitchen $980               
   39(h) x 59.5(w) x 24(d), White cabinet & Door, Electric Cook Top, 5.1 cu.ft.  Refrigerator/Freezer***OPTIONAL Stainless Shelf 30 APSS $375

** Each all-in-one combination kitchenette has an optional shelf above unit for microwave

***optional appliance shelf

-White Appliance Shelf for Kitchen Combo 30 $255
- 18" Depth, Includes 3 Plug Box Allocator

White Appliance Shelf for Kitchen Combo 60 $330
- 18" Depth, Includes 3 Plug Box Allocator



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Summit Front Load Washer, Dryer, and Combo Washer/Dryer

  - SPWD-1160C White Combo Washer and Dryer $836
    All-In-One Unit, Stainless Steel Drum, 115v
    24" x 24" x 34"H

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