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Fast Food, Cafeteria, and Group Seating. Booth Page 3 of 24 Furniture Pages

Cluster Seating is Priced by Adding a Booth Frame and Seat Prices Together

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 - Two Seat Bench Wall Style Seat Frame $234
    Dining Set includes 24" x 21" Top


 - Four Person Bench Seat Island Style Frame $261
    Cluster Seating includes 24" x 42" Table Top

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 - Four Seat Bench Square Metal Frame Style $315
    Dining Set includes a 36" x 36" Dining Top


 - Four Person Seat Split Top Bench Frame $342
    Seat Frame includes Two 24" x 21" Tops


 - Eight Seat Bench Island Style Frame $516
    Seat Cluster Frame includes a 24" x 96" Dining Top


 - Six Person Round Bench Seat Booth Frame Style $558
    Round Seating Frame includes a 48" Round Top


 - Eight Seat Round Bench Frame Style $604
    Round Cluster Seating includes a 60" Round Dining Top

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 * Frame Style subject to change without notification.


After Selecting a Frame Style above.

Pick a Stool Seat and Add number of Seat to Frame Price

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 - CJ020 Millennium Button Stool Head $81

    Button Seat Colors: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Navy, Blackberry, Fog, Spectrum Blue, Red, Green, Pebble, Deep Green, Brown, Teal, Black, Victorian Teal, Canyon, Purple, Beige, Aloe, Brick, Forgythia

 - CJ015 Fiberglass Seat Shell $84

    Shell Seat Fiberglass Colors: Crimson, Bone, Gold, or Blue

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 - CJ010 Oak Button Stool Head $103

    Wood Seat Finishes: Walnut, Western Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Natural, or Black

 - CJ210 Hairpin Bentwood Stool Head $116

    Industrial Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

 - CJ220 Walking Cane Bentwood Stool Head $116

    Cafeteria Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

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 - CJ251 Fan Back Bentwood Stool Head $116

    Business Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

 - CJ321 Fandome Stool Head $119

    Restaurant Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

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 - CJ328 Yoke Back Stool Head $131

    Fast Food Restaurant Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

 - CJ201 Laser Back Bentwood Stool Head $133

    Lunch Room Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

 - CJ320 Ambassador Stool Head $137

    Educational Seat with Upholstered Seat Cushion

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 - CJ319 Copenhagen Stool Head $146

    Dining Seat with Wood

 - CJ315 Liberty Stool Head $151

    Recreational Seating with Wood



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 - Swivel Seats with Upholstery are priced with a RO Factory Grade 1 or C.O.M. Material

 - Cluster Seating Table Tops are priced with a Standard Wilsonart or Formica solid, pattern, or wood grain with a matte finish and a Vinyl Edge. Frame is Black or Brown

 - Floor Spacing:
    Seating with a 24" Top are 56"-61" from Seat Back across Table to next Seat Back
    Four Person Seats with a 36" x 36" Top are 68"-73" across
    Six Seat Round Frame are 81" across
    Eight Seat Round Cluster Frames are 92" across


We have many different types of Cluster Seating



Outdoor Seating from Metal Mesh to Composite Seating

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Gym Locker Room Gowning Stainless Bench
12" x 18"H

 - 3' Gym Locker Room Gowning Bench $360
 - 4' Gym Locker Room Gowning Bench $380
 - 5' Gym Locker Room Gowning Bench $875
 - 6' Gym Locker Room Gowning Bench $895
 - 7' Gym Locker Room Gowning Bench $1,030

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